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$800 Small Business Web Design Special!

Small Business Website Design Special is now offering a special pricing deal of $800 for your small business website. Service will include website design, hosting, and (very important) 1 year of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service! You already know what a website for your company can do and what it entails, but lets talk […]

Small Business Web Design – What should I look for when shopping for a website?

Small Business Web Design – What makes a good website? When shopping for a website for your business, there are several important components to small business web design most people overlook. Its not just having a great looking site with modern features that makes a website good for your business, there are several background elements that […]

What is SEO and why do I need it?

SEO Services

What is SEO and why do you need it? SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. Simply put, with good “SEO” your pages will bring in more free traffic (customers) from Google, Bing or any search engine. When properly implemented, it improves your website rankings as search engines will give your pages priority over others. The […]

How it works

Getting started and how it works Once we have determined what your business needs are, we can get started on creating your business website. The process is pretty straightforward and simple Domain If you have an existing domain, you may use your existing domain and we will walk  you through the process of updating the […]

Shops & Service plan – Sell any of your services online!

Selling services to your local cusotmers has never been easier

Now you can sell any service online! With our Shops & Services plan available now, selling your services online is easier and better than ever! This is perfect for any type of business that sells services or offers classes to the general public such as: Manicures, Pedicures, Haircuts, Massage, Gym Membership, Yoga Classes, Dance Studio, […]

What is WordPress anyways?


The main platform we use to build your awesome business websites is WordPress. This is also the same reason our rates are affordable and are able to offer the same quality features other bigger websites offer as well. So what is WordPress anyways? WordPress is an open source (free) software used to create just about […]

Think BIGGER solutions!

When it comes to being a small business, old or new, you have good days, great days, slow days, dead days, days when you just don’t know, days when your just not sure. A lot of different marketing strategies, should you advertise here, should you advertise there, flyers, promotions and more. Being a small business […]