How it works

Getting started and how it works

Once we have determined what your business needs are, we can get started on creating your business website. The process is pretty straightforward and simple


If you have an existing domain, you may use your existing domain and we will walk  you through the process of updating the settings so that we may begin setting up your pages. If you do not have a domain ( we will assist in selecting a name. The domain selected will be registered to you and you are free to use or move your domain to another provider should you wish to do so.

Selecting a theme

As described here, we begin by selecting an appropriate theme for your business. This is the foundation or framework of your website and will be fully customized to your needs. Keep in mind, web designers charging 5 or 10x more are also using themes. Simply put, nobody actually codes everything from scratch anymore. Themes, plugins, pre set css code etc are all being used these days by  website developers.

Choosing the right plugins

A lot of plugins will be free and its possible we can create your site without using any plugins. Some features however do require the use of plugins. Specifically, if you are selecting the “Shop & Services” plan we will need to purchase plugins. The good thing is, these are a one time purchase and include free and unlimited updates. Typical cost ranges between $20 – $50 per plugin, but it is likely you might need just 1 or 2 depending on your needs. Once we have a better understanding of your needs we will only recommend and suggest a plugin if we feel it will make an impact to your website.

Submitting your deposit

Once ready to begin, we will send you a detailed invoice which will include the following:

  1. Half of $250 setup fee( $125 due up front, the remaining half will be due once website is complete)
  2. Theme cost
  3. Any applicable plugins

Recurring Fees

Once your website is complete and you are satisfied, we will then enroll you in our Paypal automatic billing subscription for the web package you selected. This is a recurring monthly fee that begins once your website is complete. You will get billed via paypal as well as have the opportunity to cancel any time by logging on to paypal or contacting us directly. There are no commitments, contracts nor are you required to keep your website for any set amount of time. However, we are sure once you start  hearing new customers say things like “we found  you online” you will know it is well worth it and one of the best investments you can make when it comes to advertising your business.

The recurring fee covers the following

  • Domain (
  • Web hosting – This is where all your website information, data, pictures etc is stored
  • Automatic Backups – in case something happens your website can be safely restored
  • Security updates as needed
  • Plugin and theme updates
  • Beginner SEO Package – Beginner SEO package is a monthly service that is done to promote your website each month. Overtime this builds your pages so they appear in more search results.

Web Design Fee Waived

The standard $2,500 web design fee is currently waived. Should you wish to purchase your website content and transfer to a different hosting or web provider, the web design fee would be applicable and must be paid before your website content can be transferred. With our low cost and our overall goal of keeping you happy with our services, we are confident you will want to keep our partnership active for years to come.


Although its hard to guess the total cost without knowing about your business, your total cost to be up and running will likely be less than $500 (including deposit, theme and plugins). We are fully aware this is a very low cost. Therefore, creating a great website that will bring in new business and keep you happy for years to come because you know it works is our end goal.


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