Small Business Web Design – What should I look for when shopping for a website?

Small Business Web Design – What makes a good website?

When shopping for a website for your business, there are several important components to small business web design most people overlook. Its not just having a great looking site with modern features that makes a website good for your business, there are several background elements that are very important and can be a determining factor in how far up in search results your website ranks. The more often your website appears in searches means more customers calling, showing up at your business, and the more you hear “oh, I found you guys online”

Google Page Speed

Aside from having an aesthetically pleasing website with all the bells and whistles, you need to have efficient and fast loading pages. Having faster loading pages means search engines will be happier and willing (or even wanting) to display your pages up above others that have slower loading pages. If a page loads extremely slow due to poor web design, it could prevent your site from showing up on some searches and even limiting or in extreme cases penalizing your pages by not showing them. Users as well trying to access your website will likely only wait a few seconds before backing out and going to the next search results. It might not be a big deal if you are a niche type of business where you are the only one of its kind within a location, users might wait it out. However, if there are other businesses appearing next to yours in the search results, you definitely want to have the fastest loading most efficient page possible as it can be used to determine whether you come out first or not.

How can I check?

There is a simple way to check your Google Pagespeed score. Websites such as offer tools to analyze a website by simply entering the website URL. Typically, at GorillaWebForce we will always shoot for the highest score possible. Mostly anything with an A rating is considered good and efficient. However, we have seen pages by some big web design companies who rate E and even F! This is very unprofessional and unfair for businesses paying hundreds of dollars a month in maintenance fees and likely a few thousand up front to have their low rated website set up.

Top Google pagespeed scores for great Small Business Web Design
A great google pagespeed score means your page is fast and friendly with google search engine. The above example are actual scores taken from websites created by


Small Business Web Design Red Flag! A low pagespeed score can penalize your website by having a slow loading time and limiting or even preventing your site from appearing in all relevant searches!
A low pagespeed score can penalize your website by having a slow loading time and limiting or even preventing your site from appearing in all relevant searches!

You can rest assured by having your small business web design needs met at GorillaWebForce, we will strive to give you the best scores possible to ensure you get the most out of your website and less out of your pocket! Once your website has been created and your please with “the look”, we will then begin optimizing and bringing your Google pagespeed score as high as possible without changing any of the features already implemented.

Just one of the key components

The google pagespeed score is just one of a few key components in what makes a great site. When shopping around for a website, whether from GorillaWebForce or any other web design service, it is a good idea to look up your own score yourself by using and if you feel your score is low (shoot for A) it is a good idea to mention this to your website designer so they can improve your score and help your website be more efficient.

Once your website pages are properly setup and efficient loading, we can then begin the next phase which is the SEO campaign to promote your website and rank it even higher with relevant keywords that will help you appear in more search results appropriate for your business.

Powerful web solutions and web design by

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