What is WordPress anyways?


The main platform we use to build your awesome business websites is WordPress. This is also the same reason our rates are affordable and are able to offer the same quality features other bigger websites offer as well.

So what is WordPress anyways?

WordPress is an open source (free) software used to create just about any type of website possible. It is a very powerful platform with almost endless possibilities. Anyone can learn wordpress, its FREE! You can learn as well! But if you think about it, you can learn just about anything by investing enough time and dedication, and this my friends is where we come in. We save you that time and do it all for you. Many web designers are using WordPress because it is a very flexible platform that makes web designing easier than ever. With it being so popular, you can also bet there are constant updates and constant security monitoring to prevent any security issues that may arise with WordPress.

Interesting Fact:

Research shows a little over 25% of the worlds active websites are being powered by WordPress!

And what about themes?

A wordpress theme is like the blueprint, or layout of how your website will look and function. It used to be that web designers would code everything from scratch and thus the high and outrageous prices. However having themes available makes everything simpler and more affordable. One can purchase a theme (although there are free themes as well we don’t recommend them for business due to limitations) and once activated can right away get to work on how your website will look instead of spending more time setting it all up and building the framework. Once a theme is set up and ready to go it can be customized fully to completely brand your business and make it unique.

And plugins?

A wordpress plugin offers even more features to your wordpress theme/website. It can be in the form of a feature or utility to help your website perform the way you want. Think of a plugin sort of like an app. We can add a plugin for just about anything, setup a subscriber list, send out emails, security for your website and more! The possibilities with plugins are endless. Some are free and some you buy. When creating your website and determining what features and functions are unique to your needs, we will let you know which plugins are recommended to give us the best functions and needs for your page.

Premium business class pages with a low cost

And this on of the reasons our services are competitively low yet high and rich in features and performance. Using WordPress, Premium WordPress themes, and only the best WordPress plugins required for your needs, we can offer web design services for a low monthly fee.


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