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When it comes to being a small business, old or new, you have good days, great days, slow days, dead days, days when you just don’t know, days when your just not sure. A lot of different marketing strategies, should you advertise here, should you advertise there, flyers, promotions and more.

Being a small business owner it is easy to get overwhelmed and bombarded by sales calls, marketers, advertisers for all sorts of magazines, newspapers, etc. Everyone has the best deal and everyone has the best advertising solution for you.

Ultimately it is up to you, the owner to decide what is the best choice based on your budget. What can give you the best bang for your buck.

Working in a small business & doing websites I can tell you one thing for sure that should be your number one priority: Your own website and your own social media

Spending $50 a month on a website or advertising on social media has produced better, faster and more results than spending $200 a month advertising on local print whether it be flyers, brochures, magazines, business flyer drop-off services. People have literally called within minutes of posting a special on website or social media and almost immediately what was budgeted spending on promoting pays off.

If you don’t have your own website make it a priority! Make it now and today! Whether it be through GorillaWebForce or any other provider, you must have your own website. These days its just as important as having your own visible signage outside your place of business.

Why should I spend money on a website instead of advertising somewhere else?

Well you should actually do both if you can, but if you cant definitely focus on your website first. Your website is on 24/7. People can look you up anytime, email you on the fly, get updates from your pages etc. Its a 24/7 advertising machine that always works and snowballs the better you operate. If people love your business they will leave great reviews, tell others about it, share on social media, basically it pays for itself! You will likely not hear about someone who found a flyer, went to the business and passed the flyer on to someone else who in turn came back with that same flyer. Yet it happens all the time on social media or your website. People will share news, like, comment and more and their friends and family will take notice.

Why GorillaWebForce?

Our goal is to offer modern and professional website solutions for small businesses affordable enough so that having a professional website with awesome features is within everyone’s reach. We offer a middle ground to where you don’t have to settle for the cheap $10 a month basic looking cookie cutter websites and you don’t have to pay outlandish fee of thousands of dollars up front with possibly hundred dollars each month in additional fees. Our fees are low enough so they can possibly be factored in along with your existing advertising budget.

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Posted on August 25, 2016 in Small Business Solutions

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